Environmental Statement

Environmental Statement 2017

The management of environmental issues continues to be an important part of the overall business strategy for MCE Group plc t/a ValvTechnologies (MCE).

MCE continues to make steady progress with respect to improving the Company’s environmental performance in accordance with the commitments made in its Environmental Policy Statement.

We recognise that business activities have the potential to affect the environment and, as a result, damage the world’s finite resources.  We therefore accept that we have a responsibility for implementing environmental measures that go beyond legislative requirements and look to encourage other businesses to follow our lead.

With this ethos, MCE’s subscribes to the International Standard ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standards which is certified by a UKAS recognised third party.   We use this to ensure compliance with relevant legislation so that our customers, regulatory bodies and the community have confidence in our ability to protect the environment.

Our Environmental Management System falls into the following:

  • An Environmental Policy
  • Legal Register to ensure that all our legal environmental duties have been identified
  • An audit plan to ensure compliance with legal, ISO 14001 and other requirements to which MCE subscribe
  • Management review meetings to analyse performance and establish new objectives

Impacting the Environment

The following have been identified as significant environmental issues for MCE

  • Compliance with all relevant legislation with respect to the storage, transportation and disposal of both non-hazardous and hazardous waste
  • Minimisation of the quantity of waste generated and maximise recycling or re-use of  waste produced by MCE
  • Control of emissions to atmosphere

Waste produced by MCE consists mainly

  • Paper, cardboard, plastic products
  • Metals
  • Oils, paint and solvents
  • General waste

Energy & Fuel

The generation of electrical energy results in the production of carbon dioxide (CO2), which in turn impacts on global warming.  We consume electrical energy for office equipment and lighting and gas boilers for heating, in addition to plant and equipment required for the overhaul and maintenance of valves. It is our policy to reduce to a minimum our use of both sources of energy.  We shall monitor our consumption of energy and endeavour to minimize our usage where practicable.

Performance Objectives for 2017

  • Reduce waste sent to landfill by 30%
  • Ensure our energy provider is maximising its use of energy from renewable sources