Mission and Policy Statement

MCE Group plc, Pennine House, Concord Way, Stockton-on-Tees.

From 25TH January 2010 To 31st December 2011

MISSION MCE is resolute in that the services & products it provides for it’s core businesses in Electrical, Instrumentation, Design, Mechanical Engineering, Valve Services and Manufacturing of the Nextech Valve are to the highest achievable standards within it’s served industries.  We are committed to continual improvement and quality performance.  The Managing Director has ultimate responsibility but has delegated daily management for Quality Assurance to the Quality Manager.
ETHICS The Company shall conduct its dealings in a fair manner and in such a way as to enhance its reputation in both the business and general community.


At all times and in all transactions MCE shall comply with the legal requirements of the country in which it is dealing.

INNOVATION Innovation is one of MCE’s core strategies we turn our extensive experience and best practices into technological solutions for our clients.





To supply products and services to it’s globally served markets.


MCE will pursue market share domestically and internationally in each market segment with targets being set annually to ensure a strong profitable growth

Entry into new markets in the region should show prospects of achieving the market share requirement in the medium term.










The Company shall endeavour to provide quality, service and value for money, at least comparable with that of its main competitors.


Products & services shall be supplied from stock or as required against contractual obligations.
A customer may qualify for discounts, based on the volume of business transacted in a given period.


Before product & service are supplied, each new customer may be required to supply a banker’s reference and at least one trade reference.


Normal credit terms shall be in accordance with industry practice. Current terms = 30 days from Invoice date of the month. Payment due the month following.  Extended credit may be given to customers, only in exceptional circumstances.








The quality of both the product & services shall be guaranteed. Product & services subject to customer complaint shall be replaced or rectified to customer satisfaction.


MCE shall endeavour to target its product and services against the prevailing price bracket.  Discounts will not be given outside the normal price structure. The price list structure will give discounts related to the size of order.


The technical efficiency of the products and services will be maintained at a competitive level.










Local suppliers shall be given preference, provided that the quality, service and cost meet that of imported alternatives.


Established suppliers may be given notice of any intention to change sources that will affect them.


Detailed product specifications and any revisions will be given on Purchase Orders to suppliers in writing.


Payment terms will be agreed with suppliers and will not be unduly delayed, without prior negotiation.












The Company shall communicate general policy through the medium of the Company Notice Board(s), electronic means and departmental personnel meetings.


Salaries will be in accordance with industry standards, and structured to minimise staff turnover.


Employees will receive additional benefits related to length of service and attendance


Departmental managers will meet with staff each month to discuss actual performance compared with plans. Objectives will be agreed annually for each employee and performance reviewed at set periods.


The Company will maintain internal training and support external industry related and professional training.




Borrowings both long and short term, shall be set and agreed by the Board of Directors in accordance with forecast business and investment levels


Net profit shall be sufficient to give a competitive return to shareholders and sufficient retention to finance the replacement cost of fixed assets and the inflation in working capital.